Who's Zoë???


Group Shows

  • 2020 -

    ShockBoxx Gallery “Intergalactic Open”
    Hermosa Beach, CA. USA.

  • 2018 -

    Las Laguna Gallery "Comics, Anime, Cartoons and Fantasy”
    Laguna Beach, CA. USA.

  • 2016 -

    Las Laguna Gallery “Women In Art”
    Laguna Beach, CA. USA.

  • 2016 -

    Las Laguna Gallery “Sketchbook West”
    Laguna Beach, CA. USA.

Find My Art at

  • Brooklyn Art Library (SPB)
  • IPRC in Portland, Oregon


The art I create is depicting my views as a pessimist consciously or subconsciously. By producing many depressed Me's, I could merely enter an ominous dialogue that would torment me. For that reason, I started to contrast the darker undertones with imageries that bring me joy. By decorating strange symbols and lines throughout the canvas, I can describe the playfulness that addressing the bitter side of me brings to me.

Utilizing pen & ink on colored paper with the technique of Chiaroscuro inspired by Caravaggio, I draw to focus on the equilibrium as if controlled by an unknown force. I aim only at making it appear stable and fun.

Art has been my lifesaver. Meeting cool creations would always make me feel more excited and motivated to survive than producing. Creating is a pain. It consumes enormous energy and requires endless efforts, yet I need to do it to pay it back. I hope that the ambivalence on the canvas helps to show my audience that this is less of a painful experience and more of one that is rather humorous and entertaining.


Born in Japan, a frightened child, she developed difficulties dealing with people and motivated to create gory drawings. She ultimately took the plunge by acknowledging that she was the culprit who had manipulated the anger behind several suicide attempts and sprang a more social life.

In 1998, she won a watercolor scholarship at the National Academy School of Fine Arts in New York City. Eventually, she felt unable to produce anything that overwhelmed her and grew wearied of drawing, which led to being immersed in photography, digital art, fashion, and dance. In 2015, she rose to draw pen and ink influenced by multiple fields of art and injected them with the pain and joy she experienced throughout her life.

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