Group Shows

  • 2021 -

    San Fernando Valley Arts & Cultural Center “SCORE”
    Encino, CA. USA.

  • 2020 -

    Las Laguna Gallery “Portraits”
    Laguna Beach, CA. USA.

  • 2020 -

    ShockBoxx Gallery “Intergalactic Open”
    Hermosa Beach, CA. USA.

  • 2018 -

    Las Laguna Gallery "Comics, Anime, Cartoons and Fantasy”
    Laguna Beach, CA. USA.

  • 2016 -

    Las Laguna Gallery “Women In Art”
    Laguna Beach, CA. USA.

  • 2016 -

    Las Laguna Gallery “Sketchbook West”
    Laguna Beach, CA. USA.


Art serves as both an outlet for and an embodiment of my obsession with humanity -- with humanity existing simultaneously as a threat to my existence, as something to be feared, and as a sort of mystery that must be better understood.

My awareness of life shifts every second and I never know what my subconscious mind perceives. For this reason, I am unable to predict what I'm going to draw and create and my works are almost a collaborative effort between the known and the unknown. I recognize that my works are often morbid, though this darker imagery is something I seek to juxtapose with lighthearted and fun imagery.

I am on a continuous journey to exercise more control over the works I create, to balance out the chaos and energy with delicate and precise linework. For this reason, perhaps, I have returned to pen & ink -- a medium I first adopted as a child dreaming of becoming a cartoonist. The intimacy and familiarity I have with this medium allows it to feel like an extension of my mind allowing for a more pure interface between my conscious and subconscious selves and the canvas.


Japan-born artist Zoë Star’s creative juices often flow in the form of ink, a medium she adopted as an aspiring cartoonist.

She moved to NYC in 1998 to study English and spent her free time exploring the vibrant art scene. This sparked an interest in fine art, one that superseded and snuffed out her dream of becoming a cartoonist. She was soon enrolled at the National Academy School of Fine Arts, having been awarded a watercolor scholarship.

After returning to Japan, Star found herself facing darker sides of life -- the spectrum of color found in her watercolors was replaced by the heavy blackness of ink. Her works now lay bare the dark recesses and the vibrance of her conscious and subconscious selves.


Zoë Star, a Japanese artist, has been a long-term pessimist who had acknowledged her work as ineffectual for life in expressing only her agony. She began to center on how controlled and aesthetic her art can grow than letting herself go.

Utilizing pens, colored pencils, and Origami, she begins by drawing spontaneity and a thorough examination for a harmonious juxtaposition. Her ongoing exploration is how her art will transform while she evolves and deepens awareness. She hopes that her works will arouse the viewers’ vibes to originate their art one day.

Currently, she resides with her husband in Japan. However, as an environmentalist, she hopes to live somewhere else suitable for a self-sufficient life in the future.

Find My Art at

  • Brooklyn Art Library (SPB)
  • IPRC in Portland, Oregon