Who's Zoë???


Group Shows

  • 2016 January, “Women In Art”, Las Laguna Gallery, CA
  • 2016 February, “Sketchbook West”, Las Laguna Gallery, CA
  • 2018 April, Comics, Anime, Cartoons and Fantasy, Las Laguna Gallery, CA

Find My Art at

  • IPRC in Portland, Oregon
  • Brooklyn Art Library (SPB)


I believe that art is an eidolon of every individual. We create what we are fond of and know, depicting ourselves in some way, be it consciously or subconsciously.

I am a female, still going through hell, and have lost a lot of blood along the way. Thus, GIRLS, Eeriness, and Goriness have been my anima and ultimately have become my obsessions. I put them into my mixed media canvas, working in Pen & Ink illustration, photography, digital art, and crafts.

I believe that art exists in every soul and is the means in which individuals are truly free to portray their ideas void of constraints. If any of my creations entertain people in one way or another, this is my final goal.


Zoë was born in Japan and has been drawing since before she can remember. Frightened child, she struggled to communicate with others and in turn led to being bullied in school at a young age. After the death of her father, she developed even greater difficulties dealing with life and people, and her teenage angst and anger perdured until her late 20's.

Although she was driven to many suicide attempts, she finally went cold turkey when she figured out that she was the one who had manipulated and controlled how she felt.

Throughout these challenges, she was completely immersed in Hollywood movies and foreign films, and because of this became engrossed in learning English.

She went to New York City and completed an English Language Course in merely four months. Stunned by the city’s vibrant art scene, she promptly lost enthusiasm for her early dream of becoming a cartoonist, and instead enrolled in the National Academy School of Fine Arts in New York City in 1998. Although this was her first time to do watercolor, her professor encouraged her to apply for a scholarship that ultimately she won.

Soon after, she was blown away by the limitless imagination of abstract and figurative art. Despite her best efforts, she felt unable to produce anything that impressed her and grew bored of drawing. In the end, she shifted her focus towards digital art, photography, and dance.

After years and years without drawing, she was finally inspired to create new art from her own imagination. In 2015, She started working in abstract mixed media influenced by various fields of art and injected them with the agony she experienced throughout her life.

Currently, she resides with her husband in Japan, however, as an environmentalist, she hopes to live self-sufficiently in Portland, Oregon someday in the future.

Indulging in flicks

As a true movie-crazy maniac and a horror film addict, she has watched over 10,000 flicks thus far. From the age of 14, when she first started watching movies, she instantly fell in love with them. She found it particularly fascinating that a whole complex story could be created within just two hours - totally unlike TV drama series. Often even a five-minute short would bring her to tears. The more she watched the more she began to cherish B- movies and cult & gory films, despite the fact that she hated them at first. Perhaps entranced by unusual & peculiar art forms or the fact that she usually found herself identifying with both victims and torturers in movies, she still hasn't exactly determined where her love for this usual genre stems from.