Who's Zoë???



Zoë Star (born in Kansai) has been drawing since before she can remember. Despite winning a watercolor scholarship to National Academy School of Fine Arts in New York City, as a young adult, she eventually stopped drawing and she shifted her focus towards digital art, photography, and bodybuilding. After years without drawing she started working on abstract mixed media that is influenced by various fields of art she encountered through her life. Currently she resides in Japan, however, as an environmentalist, she hopes to live self-sufficiently in Portland, Oregon someday.


My art is solely a form of my obsessions with girls, bunnies, and goriness. I put these things irrelevantly into my mixed media canvas since I love off-balance and surrealistic art. I use pen & ink illustration and photography as materials for my work. Art is my life and I assume that this is not only how I feel, but that everyone needs art and creativity in their lives to be well-balanced.

Group Shows

  • 2016 January, “Women In Art”, Las Laguna Gallery, CA
  • 2016 February, “Sketchbook West”, Las Laguna Gallery, CA